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Montana Integrative Medicine has closed its Bozeman office
(November 18, 2011)

After six years in Bozeman, Montana Integrative Medicine (MIM) has closed its Bozeman office. Dr. Neustadt is relocating and will conduct medical phone consultations. However, it will take a few months for him to get reestablished in his new location in San Diego, CA. Sign up for the MIM electronic newsletter to learn when Dr. Neustadt will once again be helping patients return to optimal health. In the meantime, his line of dietary supplements under the NBI label, including the Osteo-K osteoporosis formula with ingredients shown to reduce fractures by 87%, can still be purchased online at

Montana Integrative Medicine (MIM™) is an integrative medical center focused on offering the best possible care from conventional and complementary medicine to identify and treat the underlying cause of disease.

MIM was founded by John Neustadt, ND, who specializes in hard-to-treat, chronic degenerative diseases. His extensive, successful cases of depression, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, bipolar disorder, seizures, attention deficit disorder have been featured in books and at continuing medical education conferences. Learn more about Functional Medicine, Prolotherapy and Dr. Neustadt's unique Integrative Pain Management (IPM™) approach.

Best Doctor

The public voted Dr. Neustadt Best Doctor in 2008 among all physicians in the area in the annual Best of Bozeman survey. This is the first time a naturopathic doctor has ever won this category.  Read what the editors of The Tributary wrote about this achievement...

  Dr. Neustadt's Recent Hufffington Post Blogs:

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Dr. Neustadt Recognized by Elsevier

Dr. Neustadt was recently recognized by Elsevier as being one of the Top Ten Cited Authors in 2007 & 2008 for his article, "Mitochondrial dysfunction and molecular pathways of disease." This article was coauthored with Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD and was published in the journal, Molecular and Experimental Pathology. Elsevier is the world’s leading publisher of science and health information, providing valuable information to more than 30 million scientists, students and health and information professionals worldwide.  

"The Doctor is In"
Local News Story Profiles Dr. Neustadt's Work

Dr. Neustadt was featured in the The Bozeman Daily Chronicle's Business to Business (B2B) section. The B2B insert was titled, "Progress 2009: Lessons from area businesses continuing to thrive during challenging times."

Click to read the article >


"Dr. Neustadt looked at the x-rays I brought in and said the bone was not rubbing on bone and I would be a candidate for pro-lo-therapy. I saw him five consecutive months for treatment and I'm walking 85% pain free. I'm so grateful to Dr. Neustadt for his help and caring manner. Also, I can wear heels again when I dress up to go out. Thank you Dr. Neustadt."

 Celia, Miles City, MT

"I suffered constant, severe lower back pain from sacroiliac joint instability, even unable to sleep through the nights. After a year of chiropractic and physical therapies, I was not 100% improved, and was recommended to Dr Neustadt for Prolotherapy. After my treatments I had full mobility of my sacroiliac joint and was pain free; able to enjoy daily activities and sleep comfortably again.  

Paula, Bozeman, MT

"I no longer have the pain that I lived with for almost two years. Dr. Neustadt's thorough and thoughtful approach to my unique health situation has transformed my life."

–SM, Three Forks, MT

"I have stayed on the diet that Dr. Neustadt recommended (based on food allergy testing) and eliminated 99% of all foods I am allergic to.  I visited with my family doctor who had diagnosed the hyperthyroidism. My blood pressure is 120/70 through both arms, pulse rate 63 to 64. He advised me that I am in excellent health. I told him I still had my thyroid and was controlling its activity through diet. He was absolutely amazed. I feel absolutely great and have been doing extremely well. All of the symptoms from the hyperthyroidism are gone. Thank you once again for giving me back my health.

–JW, Maybell, CO

"...The chronic muscle, bone, and joint aches I have been having for over 10 years went away. I felt stronger, lighter on my feet, and for the first time I tired out my children while playing with them outside...There is so much to learn, but Dr. Neustadt and his staff make the process simple and easy to understand. Although there are some eating and exercise habits I must change, I look forward to the many added benefit this holistic approach to health care has to offer."

–John, Trussville, AL

"Prolotherapy was the right choice for me. My knee joint was painful, hot to the touch, and the knee cap snapped and popped. X-rays showed the joint had deteriorated significantly. After three treatments the ligaments and tendons had regained normal function and flexibility and I was pain free. 

"Prolotherapy is a proven technique that has been around since the 1930s and I had read about it in golf magazines. Unlike cortisone, an injection which masks the pain, Prolotherapy restores joint integrity. Prolotherapy costs significantly less than orthopedic surgery and with no downtime. I had not realized that over time I had given up horseback riding, golfing, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing because it hurt. I no longer use the excuse 'I can't, I have bad knees.' I'm enjoying an active life again thanks to Dr. Neustadt and Prolotherapy."

 - Joan, Bozeman, MT

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