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Source: Nanfang Daily Online Edition     time: 2022-08-09 03:55:02

fuerdai macau gambling lovebet 5 euro freebet ,Ian Chappell calls for strong discussion on future of cricket; says formats should be limited



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  Ian Chappell calls for strong discussion on future of cricket; says formats should be limited

Ian Chappell | File Photo
Image Source : TWITTER Ian Chappell | File Photo

Veteran Australian player Ian Chappel has called for a strong discussion on the future of cricket and the number of formats to be played going forward.  

Chappell, in his column in ESPNCricinfo, talked about how boards should not add more formats going forward. 

"Debate on this subject should have been held long ago. It's not too late now but the list of attendees has grown, given the relative strength of the women's game, and the substantial influence of climate change," Chappell wrote on ESPNcricinfo.

He went on to write that while the playing styles have drastically changed in the last few decades, there is still no blueprint as far as cricket's future is concerned. 

"Playing styles have changed drastically in a few decades and still there is no blueprint for cricket's future. Much as it did during the World Series Cricket (WSC) insurrection of the 1970s, the administration lurches ahead, driven mainly by the knee-jerk reaction.

He added that a firm decision is required on how many formats are best for cricket.

"A firm decision is needed on how many playing formats are best for cricket. Once that is decided, it then needs to be confirmed how the formats should move ahead to ensure the game evolves," he said.

The players should be involved at all times when it comes to the promotion of the sport, the Australian great said.

"Any positive promotion of the game should be done hand in hand with the players, and this includes women cricketers. An international players' association, with Indian representation, should be a mandatory part of cricket's future."

Many new formats are gaining steam worldwide, and with the rise and rise of T20 leagues around the world, the calls to make the game even shorter have come up more often than not. Will the boards unite and take a strong step? Or will the game keep getting shorter?

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